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See Catelas at the Accenture booth  

Want to better understand Catelas?  Accenture, a strategic partner of Catelas, can talk to you about their experience working with Catelas.  Catelas is a third generation e-surveillance solution – an efficient, risk-based approach that provides a defensible response to recent regulatory pressures:

  • Holistic, Third Generation Surveillance - Catelas gathers best-in-breed risk signals from across the firm to deliver the most advanced surveillance across both structured and unstructured data.
  • Contextual Review – US vs. Litvak - Analysts reviewing eComms must have broad context.  Who are the key people (Roles, Relationships)? What are they seeing and doing (market & trade data)?  What are they doing (behaviors and alert aggregation)
  • Trade Surveillance Integrated with eComms - a truly holistic view of each event’s risk profile (trade surveillance alerts, trade data, eComms timelines)
  • Bloomberg Chat Room Analytics - Why Chat Room risk falls through the cracks of traditional solutions – language and behaviors are different than email.

Firms cannot control communications environments that are constantly changing – new technology, abbreviations, slang, code words, etc. Instead, Catelas identifies the most likely areas of risk and presents a holistic view of both people and market data to the compliance analyst.

Regulatory oversight continues to evolve and traditional lexicon-focused tools fail to protect firms – focusing on historical keywords is a poor predictor risk. Catelas uses current & historical behaviors to accurately identify risk without increasing headcount.