The Solution

Catelas eComms Surveillance is the only solution on the market today that has a Bloomberg Chat Room module that allows you to supervise chat rooms, holistically.  Rules can be created that alert Compliance to policy breaches around MNPI, ethical barriers or confidentiality. Chat room conversations are analyzed in context and cross correlated to other chat rooms and conversations.

Catelas leverages behavioral analytics, visualization tools, content clustering and data analytics to bring unprecedented visibility into how firms conduct business.  This allows analysts to conduct their current review workload in a fraction of the time while, simultaneously, increasing the effectiveness of the entire Compliance program.  Catelas automatically generates an audit trail and reports which demonstrate to regulators the thoroughness of the Compliance program.

The Problem

Bloomberg Chat & the myriad other chat room technologies like Lync, Jabber are great collaborative tools, improving how your people collaborate internally and with other firms.  You need them.  Yet they represent some of your greatest challenge.

How do you control such a ‘wild west’ environment?  In a typical large firm, 200,000 transient chat rooms are created each month – a large number of which are bi-lateral or multi-lateral.  These rooms often contain many clients or people from the other side of an ethical barrier e.g. equity research.

The situation is complex, as two people don’t have to be in the same room at the same time to communicate – a sales trader can click on the ‘history’ in a chat room, to read what a research analyst said before departing.  Additionally, you may see a sales trader from one firm talking to a research analyst at another firm and not know you are breaching an ethical barrier.

“Technology Assisted Review and Machine Learning do not work on Bloomberg Chat.”   - Government eDiscovery Attorney

“Catelas represents the next generation of risk-based eCommunications surveillance and investigation solutions for the financial services industry,” said Rob Lang, Former Global Head of NASDAQ SMARTS


  • Visualize each chat room
  • Holistically view conversations about topics across chat rooms
  • Map out timeline of conversations
  • Understand strength of relationship between key players 
  • Create rules & alerts based on policy
  • Monitor for breaches of ethical barriers, client confidentiality, MNPI etc.
  • Monitor within your firm and between firms
  • Automatically generate audit trail & reports that demonstrate effectiveness of program 
  • Search Across all chatrooms
  • content cluster conversations
  • Visualize conversations and  information flow
  • Generate defensible reports
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“Catelas represents the next generation of risk-based eCommunications surveillance and investigation solutions for the financial services industry”
“Catelas, a quality provider of organization analysis, compliance, and internal investigation software and services”
“A more efficient process, and a far more robust compliance and supervisory program.”