Does your eComm Surveillance meet the new regulatory standards?

A risk-based context driven approach to Holistic Surveillance.

Catelas technology is now proven! Over the past few years, we have been quietly deploying our technology, at both buy and sell side, and consistently year in, year out, it delivers on its promise of fewer, better alerts. Catelas can be consumed on-premise, in your cloud or Surveillance as a Service,

Recent enforcement actions and subsequent statements from the regulators have now made it clear that the traditional supervisory processes are no longer sufficient – there is a gap. They want to see a broader, more risk-based and context driven approach to supervision and surveillance.

Catelas is a single integrated platform that serves the specific needs of Front Office Supervision, Surveillance, Risk, Investigations & eDiscovery.  A combination of algorithms (relationship forensics, behavioral, content) are wrapped in a machine learning framework to automate the suppression of false positives,, the fast clearance of your review queue and the identification of true negatives.

  • 95% reduction in false positives
  • True negatives detected by machine learning
  • 80% reduction in time to clear review queue

Overall Catelas reduces the time taken to supervise your business by over 80%, while providing compliance with the first demonstrably defensible solution.  High risk events are resolved in minutes not hours, creating an audit trail that demonstrate to a regulator the comprehensive nature of a firm’s process.

Catelas delivers a complete holistic surveillance solution, by integrating to trade surveillance systems, such as NICE Actimize, Nasdaq SMARTS, TradingHub and bespoke Trade Surveillance systems and by deploying advanced patented algorithms that leverage relationship analytics, machine learning, behavioral science and content analytics. Learn more about these regulatory drivers

The Catelas eComms Surveillance Suite helps companies identify compliance issues much more quickly and effectively than ever before – and get ahead of them fast. By linking trade alerts to eCommunications and Voice, Catelas combines information about your employees, what they say and the trades they execute, giving analysts total visibility into how business is conducted. Without increasing resources, our customers operate a far more comprehensive and defensible compliance program, positioning them well with regulators.

Insider dealing, market manipulation, and the movement and sharing of Material Non-Public Information (MNPI) are activities conducted between individuals with strong trusted relationships. Catelas helps Compliance become Smarter, Earlier by allowing the analyst to visualize Information Barriers, Control Rooms, Watch List networks, and Bloomberg Chat rooms, automatically guiding the analysts to where the risks are greatest within these large collaborative networks. These networks are made visible through advanced visualization tools and the people that matter identified using our relationship filters. While the analyst can still linearly review all messages such as email, IM, social media and Bloomberg, our value across such processes like review, supervision, surveillance and investigation is to cut the time taken by 80%.

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Catelas eComms Supervision, Surveillance & Investigative Suite

For Investigations

When conducting an investigation, only the meta-data of the messages are ingested and analyzed in the Catelas platform. Our integration with your Archive is leveraged to pull and review full content as needed or pst/nsf’s are loaded. This not only saves on storage & operational resources, it also removes the regulatory risk associated with having two distinct repositories of content which need to be synched at all times.

For Supervision & Surveillance

In this case, the full content is ingested from corporate email, Bloomberg Messages, IM & Chat, social media and internal IM. The full content is kept for 90 days during the Compliance supervisory cycle, while the associated audit trail is kept for 5-7 years as regulations dictate. After that the messages are retrieved from the archive as needed.

Product Features – 6 Modules

Catelas eComms Surveillance can be broken up into 6 application modules (you can chose 1, 2, 3 or all 6) which sit on top a base platform (Relationship Forensics), which does all the full content, log files, behavioural and relationship calculations. The data is processed and imported into the platform by connectors. You chose connectors to match your data.

eComms Review

Schedule and review content based on Lexicons, random sampling, relationship filters, behavior or trade alerts. Or combine such rules to accelerate the review process and focus on the areas of greatest risk. Cut the review time by 80% and spend more time where concerns are greatest.

Voice Surveillance

Automatically transcribing audio and video content from Zoom, WhatsApp or as an email attachment is now a must-have not a nice-to-have.

Transcribing, translating and analyzing all content in multiple languages is the new normal for Surveillance


Periodic supervisory functions such as information barriers, watch lists, control rooms & Bloomberg Chat rooms are scheduled. The Analysts reviews a network rather than a multi-page list of messages. Not only does this take less time, areas of risk are much more easily isolated and escalated.

Bloomberg Chat Room Upgrade

Automatically search & visualize chat rooms, identify key individuals and automatically cluster key themes. Timeline bar charts show were conversations peak during the day and across topics. Surveillance alerts, driven by behavioral, entitlement & content rules identify policy breaches and focus review efforts.


Policies & rules are run & alerts generated such that risks associated with inappropriate relationships, control breaches, entitlement breaches, MNPI flow & collaborative networks can be uncovered. One-click reporting further accelerates the process and aids decision making.

Trade Alert Integration

Automatically visualize the key people & conversations associated with any trade alert. Internal & external relationships & conversations are presented both around the event and going back in time, allowing the analyst unprecedented visibility into any trade event. The focus, speed and comprehensive nature of the investigation ensures compliance with the new emerging regulatory ‘standard’.

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