Email & People remain the greatest threats to privacy and information security

The Problem

The numbers from the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report are not reassuring.

  • 67% increase in Impersonation/Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. Of these 83% resulted in direct loss
  • 94% of companies experienced email-based phishing attacks
  • 88% experienced email-based spoofing of business partners or vendors
  • 71% experienced a malicious attack, spread by employees
  • 53% experienced business disrupting email-based ransomware attack

What’s worse, 56% of data breaches took months or longer to discover. You’re infected and you don’t even know!

For Insider Theft, over half (56%) of cases involved the use of attachments in emails outside of the company, while 26% of thieves took the physical route and printed out the info. USBs and memory sticks accounted for just six per cent

The Challenge

Your own communication systems (email, IM, social media) are your greatest weakness as it is an open highway, enabling insider risk or allowing outsiders to gain access & ex-filtrate sensitive data.

Solutions in the past have failed to effectively monitor communications data because of the sheer volume of false positives generated by DLP systems.

Overwhelming false positives and the lack of sophistication has meant that insider risk behaviors, such as disgruntled employees, or outside interference cannot be targeted. Additionally, incidents cannot be understood quickly.

Machine learning uncovers behavior and isolates intent

Employee behaviors are strong leading indicators of risk. Knowing when an employee, with access to important systems or data, is disgruntled or planning on leaving is valuable. Knowing early is priceless.

Whether your employee is disgruntled, departing, colluding with another firm, being coerced or simply has been hacked because of a phishing email, you need to know. And you need to know early.

Catelas layers algorithms including relationship forensics, behavioral analytics and content analytics, within a machine learning framework, to uncover these risks. With a less than 10% false positive rate, your incident response team is focused on real issues, not lost in the noise generated by previous generation of DLP solutions.

Privacy & Big Brother versus Protecting your Business

Your own employees and the email used to conduct the business of the firm represent the greatest risk of data loss. Yet, monitoring employee email represents legal and HR challenges.

Catelas uses AI based algorithms to monitor employee behavior and their email, in a non-intrusive way, that protects their privacy while protecting your business.

Learn more here about how to walk the fine line between Privacy and Protection,

"Security incidents always come down to people. What they know and who they are telling. The way that Catelas uncovers relationships and visually displays how people are linked together makes them a must-have for any Security Investigations team."

− Scott Emery, former Head of Investigations, State Street Bank

The Fines are Massive

U.S. hotel group Marriott has become the second firm to face a massive GDPR fine as the U.K. regulator continues on its rampage. The hotel group, which suffered a breach last year, could face a fine of over $123 million. The latest ICO fine comes after U.K. airline British Airways was hit with an even larger penalty of $229 million yesterday.

The BA fine was the biggest ever issued by the ICO and the first under the EU Update to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Before BA, the largest fine issued by the ICO was £500,000. But under GDPR, firms can be fined up to 4% of turnover

Early Detection is key

Catelas fills gaps that exist in your current defenses today. We look for behaviors and indicators of intent to predict which insiders pose a threat to your business. We look at ever piece of communication both internally and externally to identify insider risk. We then present that in a way to allow you to investigate and triage fast.

Catelas Insider Risk Surveillance consistently delivers a better than 90% reduction in false positives, while identifying instances of insider risk across the business. Alerts are are focused, easily understood and quickly assessed.

Machine Learning

Catelas uses patented behavioral algorithms to risk score each individual in your firm. We look at how they behave, what they say (NLP) and to whom they say it (Relationship Forensics).

Behavior is tracked over time and anomalies detected. These early indicators of risk help firms get ahead of issues early and protect the firm before it becomes costly.

Catelas can be deployed on premise or consumed as a service through our cloud based hosted platform.


Catelas is fast!

Investigations are fast, because the software automatically guides the investigator to the evidence.  Firstly, machine learning tags and removes up to 90% of the false positives. Then Relationship Forensics isolates the key connections.  Finally, NLP is used to cluster that content, highlighting the most interesting content.

Investigations are concluded in hours not days.  This is critical when your incident response team have a large volume of incidents to investigate.  Wasting time on false positives means real risk is being ignored or even missed.


Catelas automatically detects the behavioral signatures associated with breaches in Security and Conduct. Human behavior is universal across cultures, language and industry. Catelas’ behavioral algorithms allow a range of anomalous behaviors to be detected and Impact reports generated for Security, HR & Compliance.

High risk behaviors & inappropriate relationships such as conflicts of interest, collusion, coercion, bribery, fraud, and information theft are automatically uncovered and reported – even departing employees can be identified before they resign and take commercially valuable information with them.

Major Benefits

Departing Employee – early detection

When an employee has decided to leave your company, their risk profile changes dramatically. with one foot out and one foot in, they are conflicted. Their interests lie with themselves or their new employer. This is when they steal IP, sensitive data or collude with others to harm your business.

Phishing – detect hijacked emails

You train your people not to click links. You buy software to detect phishing emails. But what happens when one gets through and someone clicks a link? Until mobilized that email account is a risk. Once hijacked and used to request passwords or instruct invoices be paid, you have limited time to detect and stop it. Catelas detects the behavioral changes in such emails.

Uncover Collusion or Coercion

When an employee has been compromised because of blackmail or coercion, or whether they are colluding with an outside interest, your business is at risk. Detecting the behavioral changes indicative of this is critical to understanding where your risks are.

Eliminate false positives & investigate fast

False positives steal from you. They steal your time. Time wasted on irrelevant incidents, means risk goes undetected. Machine Learning is very effective at detecting and eliminating false positives.

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