Cut Investigative time by 80% & automatically fill the security gap left by keyword based monitoring solutions.

The Catelas Security Monitoring & Investigative Suite protects an organization against the Insider Threat. Our patented software analyzes the email transport log files from email servers to uncover the entire network of an organization.

These log files contain no content, yet Catelas’ complex algorithms can analyze millions of emails in minutes to uncover undisclosed affiliations, inappropriate relationships and abnormal information flow – all without collecting a single email. Only when an incident has been confirmed, is content collected and processed. Key high-risk individuals, such as departing employees are profiled prior to departure to assess if information theft has taken place.

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The Current Challenges

Current investigative software relies heavily on keyword search and presumes that (a) you have all the right people and (b) that you have the right keywords. Existing DLP solutions miss so much information theft while overloading security professionals with reviewing irrelevant hits; likewise, investigations are burdened by a time consuming collection and search/review process. Internal investigations require a heavy investment in collections of data & analytics before the correct people involved are uncovered; archives and back-up tapes need to be collected and laptops seized.

How Catelas is Different

Our Security Monitoring & Investigative Suite, used by the world’s leading litigation & forensic consultancies allows you to identify the key people and uncover the relevant messages in 80% less time; at the same time the investigative process is more comprehensive and defensible allowing you to make a strong case to support your findings. It is as important to be able to defensibly confirm that an issue did not occur as it is to find evidence when as issue has occurred.


Before data is collected, Catelas Security Monitoring & Investigative Suite uses log files, to identify the key people and how they connect– this focuses the collection. Once collected, Catelas uncovers the key evidence in any dataset in a fraction of the time by combining Relationship Filters with focused keyword searches. We processes and analyze communications data, like email, email logs, IM and telephony and create a clear ‘Visual Map’ showing who matters and their key connections. These relationship networks serve as a filter to focus the keyword searches and guide the investigator to the ‘hot documents’. An investigation that would normally take 2 weeks is concluded in 2 hours. Faster and more comprehensive reports are the outcome.


Catelas automatically detects the behavioral signatures associated with breaches in Security and Conduct policies. Human behavior is universal across cultures, language and industry. Catelas’ library of behavioral rules allow a range of anomalous behaviors to be detected and Impact reports generated for Security, HR & Compliance. Weekly monitoring reports are customized for companies and highlight anomalous communications to competitors, press or webmail. High risk behaviors & inappropriate relationships such as conflicts of interest, information theft, fraud, anti-trust are automatically uncovered and reported – even departing employees can be identified before they resign taking commercially valuable information with them.

"Security incidents always come down to people. What they know and who they are telling. The way that Catelas uncovers relationships and visually displays how people are linked together makes them a must-have for any Security Investigations team."

− Scott Emery, former Head of Investigations, State Street Bank

Major Benefits

Stop theft & identify departing employees

Stop employee theft and automatically uncover when employees & contractors email confidential information to webmail accounts or competitors, by detecting anomalous behavior unique to such information flow.

Proactively monitor for suspicious activity

Proactively monitor for suspicious activity by building rules based on corporate security & compliance policies and map out your entire company communications network to webmail, the press, competitors etc..

Detect & Contain Data Leakage

Detect & Contain Data Leakage and automatically understand the relationships and information flow between key groups in your company and with external resources, without disrupting business or collecting a single email.

Investigate incidents before data is collected

Investigate incidents before data is collected and generate a Security Impact Report, within minutes, with detailed conclusions and recommended next step for your CISO.

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