Faster more effective review

Catelas is a single integrated platform that serves the specific needs of Front Office Supervision, Surveillance, Risk, Investigations & eDiscovery.  A combination of algorithms (relationship forensics, behavioral, content) are wrapped in a machine learning framework to automate the suppression of false positives, the fast clearance of your review queue and the identification of true negatives.

  • 95% reduction in false positives
  • True negatives detected by machine learning
  • 80% reduction in time to clear review queue

Overall Catelas reduces the time taken to supervise your business by over 80%, while providing compliance with the first demonstrably defensible solution.  High risk events are resolved in minutes not hours, creating an audit trail that demonstrate to a regulator the comprehensive nature of a firm’s process.

eComm Surveillance must get better

Existing eComms Supervision & Surveillance systems fail to protect firms from adverse regulatory events:

  • 95% of a reviewers time is wasted clearing false positives
  • Real risk is missed
  • Review process is cumbersome & takes way too long

Firms can no longer bear this burden. Tasked with reducing compliance costs, firms are looking to technology to both eliminate false positives, learn what behaviors represent real risk and accelerate the review process

Holistic Surveillance is here and has been proven. Seeing is believing

“The current model is unsustainable”

Firms are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory guidelines for supervision. This driver conflicts, however, with drivers to cut operational costs. Additionally, the IT costs associated with deploying these solutions adds to the challenges and risk associated with deployed new technology.

Catelas Prism, version 7.0, is deployed in days, pre-loaded with a library of policies that immediately delivers results fro risks such as Insider Trading, Market Manipulation, Collusion and many others.

Machine Learning yields measurable improvements in weeks, immediately suppressing false positives, eliminating disclosures and learning to detect the true negatives.

Catelas Prism Reviewer automatically accelerates the review process by presenting results in context, allowing collections of results to be cleared together.
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Catelas delivers your eComms Supervision, Surveillance and Investigation needs on a single platform.  Integrated workflow and advanced machine learning, applied on top of Catelas unique patented algorithms, cuts time taken to complete a review by greater than 80%.

Additionally, Catelas understands risk holistically by combining algorithms that understand ‘what you said’, ‘how you said it’ (content behavior), ‘who you are’, ‘how are you connected’ (how you do business), how you behave during and after the event and what you did (client or employee trade or further consequential communications).  It is this combination of algorithms that allows Catelas to automatically uncover the 1-2% of high risk communications & behaviors in your business.

Notwithstanding the above, the process by which false positives are suppressed and true negatives are discovered and reviewed is defensible and our audit trail can instantly demonstrate that to a regulator or internal audit.

  • Review time cut by 80%
  • False positives reduced by 95%
  • Disclosures eliminated automatically
  • Marketing email tagged
  • Highest Risk behaviors detected daily
  • Highest Risk individuals tracked
  • Conduct Risk tracked by asset class
  • See whats changed
  • Investigation concluded in minutes not hours
  • Reports automatically generated
  • Case Management import/export
  • Integrated workflow with Relativity

Catelas Prism – eComms Supervision, Surveillance, Investigations & Case Management in a single platform. See for yourself

“Top 20 Most promising Risk Management Solution Providers”
“Catelas represents the next generation of risk-based eCommunications surveillance and investigation solutions for the financial services industry,”
“Catelas, a quality provider of organization analysis, compliance, and internal investigation software and services”
“A more efficient process, and a far more robust compliance and supervisory program.”