Catelas eComms Surveillance & Investigations cut review time and allowed analysts to cover far more risks in less time, realizing a far more robust Compliance program.


The risks associated with market manipulation and insider dealing are very much related to who knew what, when, who told whom, and who then acted on it. Our client understood that these risks were present where strong relationships existed and wanted a more effective way of supervising employees & active collaborative networks within the firm and between firms.

Our client needed a solution that would protect the firm from the latest known areas of risk – ‘over the wall’, ‘around the wall’, between firms and within chat rooms. While their analysts were focused on reviewing a 1% random sample, the regulators were looking elsewhere. Without the proper tools, they were left in the dark when it came to understanding the signs of insider dealing or market manipulation.


Catelas allowed our client to visualize risk across Information Barriers, Watch Lists, Control Rooms and Bloomberg Chat and holistically across email, Bloomberg, IM and voice. With the same level of resource, Catelas’ patented relationship algorithms, guided analysts to where the potential risk was greatest. Who knew what & when and how information moved from A to B was now easy to visualize.

Catelas has also been deployed integrated with the firm’s bespoke trade surveillance system, which allows analysts to investigate trading alerts by automatically uncovering the relevant people, relationships and communications associated with an alert.


Many thousands of search results were reviewed daily, yet, the “smoking gun” was missed, because the wrong keywords were chosen. Humans are not good at spotting needles in haystacks. Catelas can help companies find those needles – fast – and without deploying a ‘big data’ solution. Catelas empowered Compliance to uncover ‘collusive networks’ earlier and better understand how information moved within the firm and with external parties. Getting ahead of the game in this way allowed Compliance to uncover risk much earlier in the process and have the necessary documentation should an inquiry be received.