Catelas Early Case Intelligence report uncovered key evidence within 24 hours and saved our client $100,000 in legal review costs.


Our client, a publicly traded global technology company, was conducting an investigation into alleged wrong doing by an employee involving a variety of HR, fraud and IP theft issues. Numerous employees were implicated and their emails were collected to be reviewed by outside counsel. The estimated cost of counsel to review a keyword filtered subset of this data was $120,000. Instead, they utilized Catelas’ Identification and Early Case Intelligence software.


Within hours, the custodians’ data was loaded on the host server and Catelas was deployed. The software quickly uncovered the employees most likely to be involved in the claim…internally and externally. The resulting relationship filter was used to tag the ‘hot network’ and export the data into Relativity for review by outside counsel.


Catelas reduced the email review corpus by 90% and the cost of review down to $20,000 – an 80% reduction. More importantly, our client was able to get answers in much less time (90% faster). Evidence supporting the allegation was uncovered and it was possible to terminate the employee with cause and within the timeframe laid down by local employment law.