Proven technology

Catelas technology is now proven! Over the past few years, we have been quietly deploying our technology, at both buy and sell side, and consistently year in, year out, it delivers on its promise of fewer, better alerts.

We are consistently delivering a better than 90% reduction in false positives, uncovering where risk exists, in how you do business, and presenting alerts that are focused and easily assessed.

Connecting your data

Catelas has worked with clients to ingest business, compliance & security data from other sources to deliver a truly holistic surveillance solution focused on key risks within your business.

Hosted or on-premise

Deployed on premise or consumed as a service through our AWS based hosted platform, Catelas is secure, scalable, and robust.

Surveillance as a Service

Rather than buy software, you can now just use it. Catelas Services will set it all up for you and if needed provide the necessary operational support to ensure your system is always operating optimally.

From an IT, Policy and Compliance reporting perspective, Catelas can dynamically fill any resource gaps you have and support your current operation, as needed. You do what you know best – drive the process and protect your firm.

Holistic Risk Modelling

Trade alerts, deal flow, voice calls, meeting events, database access can now be easily combined with messaging with our unique layered algorithmic approach – where NLP, Behavioral, and Relationship Forensics are combined within a Machine Learning framework.

“More than half of the firms in the survey indicate their intention to develop more integrated capabilities from the data they collect and believe achieving this will make the greatest impact in enhancing the capabilities of the surveillance function”

PwC Market Abuse Survey

Defensibility of AI & Machine Learning

Learn about the three key concerns raised by compliance officers and surveillance practitioners:

  • AI/machine learning
  • Compliance Policy Library: buy versus build
  • Defensibility of next generation surveillance technologies.

Eddie Cogan, CEO and founder of Catelas is interviewed by Alan Morley, Chair of the Catelas User Community after the most recent Surveillance roundtable held by Catelas at the Penn club in New York.

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Catelas Hosted Surveillance

Catelas Key Benefits

  • Low cost, fast roll out
  • Easy to edit, out of the box policies
  • 95% elimination of false positives
  • Enjoy easy wins integrating trade & eComms

Schedule a call to learn how Catelas Hosted Surveillance is working with firms to quickly deploy new defensible operating models that work and are cost effective


Machine Learning

Unsupervised Machine learning is used to significantly reduce false positives by up to 95%. Each day new models are automatically created to track constantly changing false positives.

Relationship Analytics

Understanding where strong active relationships exist, both internally and externally, helps map out how a firm does business. Understanding these natural channels is key to understanding risk.

Behavioral Science

Learning what are ‘normal’ and ‘anomalous’ behaviors across communities, allows Catelas to uncover key leading indicators of risk at the employee and message level.

Social Network Analysis

Understanding how people connect within groups is important to how Catelas gains a more holistic view of risk and risk modeling. Knowing that apparently disparate conversations are related is key.


Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms are used to dynamically cluster content, uncovering new topics of conversation which can then be mapped against defined risks.

Risk Modelling

Combining risk scores such as Conduct Risk, Collusion Risk, Content Risk along with risk signals from across the bank, allows Catelas to build up a more selective understanding of risk.

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