Come join Catelas and industry colleagues for a deep dive discussion on Voice Surveillance in a post Covid world – 24th & 25th of March 2021.

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What’s changed post-Covid?

We have seen an explosion of voice and video content from Zoom, WhatsApp, WeChat and other platforms used by employees to do business.

What does this mean?

  • Voice and Video are here now, not tomorrow
  • They must be surveilled along with IM & email
  • All content must be integrated in a single view
  • All data analyzed against a common policy library

Catelas Intro Video – 3 mins

Catelas eComms Surveillance platform uses NLP Machine Learning to monitor Voice & Video in the same platform as email & IMs. Advanced Voice to Text transcription and translation software across multiple languages gives Compliance a single view into their risks independent of content type.

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Machine Learning

Unsupervised Machine learning is used to significantly reduce false positives by up to 95%. Each day new models are automatically created to track constantly changing false positives.

Relationship Analytics

Understanding where strong active relationships exist, both internally and externally, helps map out how a firm does business. Understanding these natural channels is key to understanding risk.

Behavioral Science

Learning what are ‘normal’ and ‘anomalous’ behaviors across communities, allows Catelas to uncover key leading indicators of risk at the employee and message level.

Voice Surveillance

Automatically transcribing audio and video content from Zoom, WhatsApp or as an email attachment is now a must-have not a nice-to-have. Transcribing, translating and analyzing all content in multiple languages is the new normal for Surveillance


Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms are used to dynamically cluster content, uncovering new topics of conversation which can then be mapped against defined risks.

Risk Modelling

Combining risk scores such as Conduct Risk, Collusion Risk, Content Risk along with risk signals from across the bank, allows Catelas to build up a more selective understanding of risk.

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