Video: An Introduction to Catelas

Catelas Surveillance uncovers risks that can harm your business. Our job is to protect you. This 3 minute video explains how our technology works: how we detect risks such as insider trading, predict departing employee risk and identify when an employee is going rogue.

We use patented technology to map out how a firm actually does business – how people form groups and connect internally and externally. We use this to detect collusion, isolate business related dialog and uncover behavioral anomalies (unhealthy relationships).

This is overlaid with behavioral analytics and NLP to define context and isolate conversations of interest. The false positives are almost eliminated by machine learning that teaches itself using your own data – automatically.

Our clients have seen huge success with our technology: a 95% reduction in false positives, very focused effective alerts, covering a range of risks including insider trading, bribery, fraud, conflicts, insider risk and market manipulation across all asset classes.

Our software helps our clients reduce their regulatory, legal and security risk

Catelas is the first solution on the market today to combine traditionally disparate sciences: Relationship Analytics, Social Network Analysis and Behavioral Science. Our patented algorithms automatically uncover how people connect in large networks, isolating the strong relationships and identifying the people who matter. We follow these strong relationships to the key evidence or ‘hot documents’, which allows our customers to quickly uncover the facts and get ahead of the issue earlier.

Catelas is used for Legal (Early Case Intelligence & Identification), Financial Services Compliance (eComms Surveillance & Investigation), FCPA/ABAC Compliance (3rd party Control & Risk Oversight) and Information Security (Monitoring & Investigations).

Relationship Analytics

All positive or negative outcomes are the result of people relationships. Uncovering internal and external relationships provides visibility into “How business is accomplished”

Legal Intelligence

Understanding the facts early and avoiding surprises is the key to success.  Understanding who matters, how they connect, who said what and when – that’s Intelligence!  Being Smarter, Earlier, that’s Early Case Intelligence.

Voice Surveillance

Automatically transcribing audio and video content from Zoom, WhatsApp or as an email attachment is now a must-have not a nice-to-have. Transcribing, translating and analyzing all content in multiple languages is the new normal for Surveillance

Financial Compliance

It’s all about risk, how you measure it and how you prioritize it.  Humans are good at understanding risk but bad at calculating it. By automatically risk scoring events and activities, we help analysts focus their efforts where it matters.  That’s key!

Behavioral Science

Catelas leverages academic research to understand human behavioral patterns. Catelas’ unique algorithms seek to identify shared experiences, which provide insight into collaboration and relationships.

Information Security

You don’t know what you don’t know.  The fact that you haven’t found it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.  Behavioral surveillance is the new age of risk detection.  Uncovering departing employees before they resign is just one example.


Business is based on relationships. Relationships are essentially the connections between people, not companies. It is these strong relationships that underpins many of the transactions both inside and outside your company. Trust is an intrinsically human state that causes the lowering of barriers and creates an environment where collaboration and trade can occur. This is true in all realms of business, whether it be the people working together on a new product launch or those involved in an M & A or those people in your China office building a reseller network for your latest product.

Uncover High Risk Behavior

A few years back, in the Galleon insider trading case, the authorities collected and read millions of messages, over many years before they could begin to make sense of all the data and identify the key individuals. Once that was understood they were able to focus their efforts on what those particular people did and said. What took the authorities years to do, Catelas does in seconds.

Catelas uncovers the networks within your company and with the companies and people you do business with. We identify the people that matter, isolate key evidence and uncover high risk behavior.

"Compliance is about having control over your environment and being able to prove it. Catelas uncovers high-risk relationships and pinpoints precisely who is talking to whom and why. These visual audit trails are essential."

− Alan Morley, former Managing Director, JP MorganChase
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